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including 4 shot hit

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But three points are not in the daily work of all, don’t forget, Stephen King-King Courie is the team in assists and steals, his regular game 6.7 assists came in the League 14th, while the postseason is averaging 9.3 assists ranks Union first! We imagine such a picture, play 40 minutes per game, has launched dozens of attacks, some he didn’t sell outside the ball, but the ball into the inside, attracted sandwich … … And then what happens? There’s one person he can tell you the answer, he told Clay-Thompson, from the Golden State Warriors, he voted 211 to remember threes this season, the League’s third-ranked, and 211 remember threes, 68 written comes from Steven library assists.
No master ball teams, how can we talk nike blazer vt high uk of possession on the Court? 2010-2011 season dream Barcelona, midfield masters Xavi and Andres Iniesta is the core of a well-deserved, International Association for football history and statistics (IFFHS) for four consecutive years, “most creative player of the year award” was awarded to Harvey. And 2008 European Cup, Harvey and white were awarded the most valuable player award. Barca players overall ball control also ensures the team Tiki-Taka plays no solution to a situation. The past 5 years, Barcelona, control over your opponent’s possession. May 7, 2008, almost five years, no other team in this data over Barcelona, Barcelona player’s ball handling ability is evident.
Occupy the leaderboard in foreign aid under the environment of fans to Gao Lin has always had many complaints about the shot, but the overall performance of the last three seasons, Gao Lin goal was always on the move. This season in particular, Gao Lin gave fans the impression that rose the ball. League 6 games down Gao Lin a total of 5 shot, including 4 shot hit the frame range, scoring one goal, a shot is to achieve such astonishing consolidations of 80%. Count onnike blazer vt low uk the AFC game, Gao Lin’s shot is on decline, but also reached 47%. Super game, Lin played 29 games for the 2011 season, 79 shot shot 31 times scoring 11 goals. Shot is 39.2%, the rate of scoring for 13.9%. Last season, Lin shot is raised by nearly 13%, Super game 51 shoot was shot 27 times, but scoring rate down: 2%. This season in the Super League, Lin shot is 80% or any of the 20% the high rate of scoring all three seasons, Lin an increased level of shooting is an indisputable fact.

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