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That in it? He shot all in threes this season, 105 in mind is unaffected by Trey assists (out of a total of 272 in mind), in other words, are creating their own opportunities, emergency stop jumpers. Such a practice is common in the team-headed star, like hardens, Lillard, Kobe, Paul and his ilk, however, often marking them, because of the physical exertion, sell no more, and doesn’t. But the Treasury apparently is an exception, his lack of assists for 105 times vast Union the nike air yeezy 1 uk number of three-point shots, even bilebulang-James throws in all three, and hit record all 5 of the League-wide for these were not assists players in the three-point shooting ranks (fifth), both qualitative and quantitative. Overall, three points to be thrown into space is not an easy thing, also 40% three-point shot has to create their own shot, how hard do you have to do this! And best of all, no matter where, when, and the manner in which the step, library has a very high hit rate. No wonder Braves Manager Bob Myers not long ago, in an interview with the associated press, said: “as long as it is to throw the ball, that is reasonable.
Serie a first 34 rounds in 340 games this season, of which only 86 matches a tie and the rest all 254 games winner, while in 254 games, 50% games each from both sides of possession eventually only 3 games, which means the rest of the possession of 251 matches two teams were more or less differences. One surprise is that possession-dominated teams ultimately got the win, only 117 games, accounting for 46.6% of the total, while the remaining 134 games are the possession the underdog team has the last laugh.
Until now Liga 35 rounds of League a total of 350 games and possession dominance and ultimately win games for 153 games, losing matches to 125 games, draw date for the 52 matches. Possession dominance is still losing share has increased by 12% in the premiership. La Liga this season, possession more than half his team’s winning rate, 46.3%, 37.8% defaultnike air yeezy 2 uk rate. It should be said that in addition to Barcelona, a Spanish possession of other teams and winning percentage there is not much difference between them. “Cosmos” League possession so far above his opponent, 33 games 2 games defeat. Real Madrid League matches so far in the case of possession-dominated, there are 8 games is not to win (5-3), however, Real Madrid had 6 games of the season is win the ball rate is lower than your opponent’s case. In addition, defeat the strong by the weak on the scene of the biggest gap in the 32nd round, Atletico beat Sevilla away 1 ball, “linen Legion” of possession than the opponent by 46.6%. The 15th round, possession 48.4% Atletico Madrid 6 ball swept unexpectedly kill Laakko. Therefore, possession in this season’s La Liga became less important, defeat the strong by the weak, to win away from home, all the no score, and gradually became the norm.

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